Langford Barksdale

Langford has painted since childhood using creative expression as a means of communication. She began painting large scale oil canvases in her high school hallways utilizing figurative expressive themes. After pre college portfolio preparation at RISD, Langford decided to remain in the south and studied art at the University of Georgia in Athens. During studies abroad in Cortona, she was greatly inspired by the spiritual nature of Italian culture and the imagery painted in the Sistine Chapel and throughout the beautiful architecture in Europe. After receiving a BFA, she moved to Switzerland to pursue art + theology. Langford traveled extensively throughout European museums from Berne, Stockholm, Vienna to Oslo. Two artist residencies in Northern California gave her the momentum and time to focus on creating a series of wonderful tapestries that were displayed from the local old growth trees. Her exhibitions continue in a variety of settings from the East to West Coast. Her artwork is in collections across the globe. She has led children’s workshops at Cheekwood Art Center, Aspen Art Museum, Wyly Center for art and served as Children’s Program Director at The Anderson Ranch. She currently lives and works in Aspen.